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What does Occupational Health (OH) do?

We offer support throughout your working life with GCC to help you stay fit and healthy at work.
Some of the areas of support we provide include:

  •  Processing new starter health declarations

  • Advice to managers on health related performance or attendance issues for members of their team.

  • Health and well-being advice for individuals

  • Driver’s medicals

  • Health assessments to support employees returning to work after absence

  • Ill Health Retirement advice

Staff and managers may view a full list of our services and how to access them here (

Reasons for referral may include effect of work and non-work related pressures, ongoing health conditions requiring workplace adjustments or muscular skeletal problems.

 We can help you access further advice such as physiotherapy and face to face counselling where it is assessed to be applicable.

How do I access support?

  1. In the first instance it is always helpful to explore your own avenues of support such as contacting the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) see link
  2. Discuss matters with your line manager - you may be able to reach a resolution together. 
  3. Your manager may contact the OH Helpline on 01452 425073 for advice.
  4. If it is felt that a referral to OH is advised they will complete a referral form and you will be contacted to arrange a convenient appointment.

Don't delay in seeking support that you need

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