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Health and Safety
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Firstly, have a look at the video. This gives you a short introduction to occupational health and safety in Gloucestershire County Council. Then read the basic information on the next page (just click the right arrow below the videos ) and have a look at the SHE web pages.

At the end of the next page click the link to try the short multiple choice quiz to check your understanding of our key messages

Press play to start the video and then double click on the video if you want to view on full screen.

Occupational health and safety is.....

  • Helping support people at work
  • Helping support people back to work
  • Health surveilance (or monitoring)

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 !    A Few Basics

General Information

Ensure you have received a local induction:

  • fire
  • first aid
  • welfare arrangements
  • information specific to your job or location
  • how to report an accident or hazard/defect
  • know how to seek assistance

SHE Information

You should be made aware of the GCC Corporate Health & Safety Policy Document and the one that covers your directorate.

Are you a computer user? Don’t forget to complete a display screen equipment self assessment – see the SHE webpages

For a wide range of information – including how to set up your computer workstation correctly – see:


SHE Helpline 01452 425350


You are not alone! The Council has specialists there to help you.

Contact your line manager first.

Seek advice from:

Safety, Health & Environment
(extn 5350)
Buildings helpdesk (extn 5831)