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Dignity at Work
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Dignity at Work

All employees should treat others with fairness, dignity and respect and promote a working environment where staff can feel safe and secure and not subject to harassment or bullying from other staff, service users, elected members or members of the public.

Gloucestershire County Council has committed to this through its policy ‘Dignity and Respect at work – anti-bullying’ policy which can be located at

Individuals have a responsibility to adopt appropriate behaviours that will not threaten the working environment and to respect colleagues, while managers are expected to take ownership of complaints and deal with reported incidents in a fair, prompt and consistent manner. 

Dignity at Work – the first steps

What is the Dignity at Work Network?

Dignity at Work Officers are committed to treating others with fairness, dignity and respect and are one of the initial points of contact (alongside line management, HR Advisers or trade union representatives) for any employee who believes they are experiencing unacceptable behaviour.
A Dignity at Work Officer can also support staff who have had an allegation of harassment or bullying made against them.
One of its key roles is to promote fairness and a positive working environment as well as supporting individuals who experience unacceptable behaviour.

How can I contact the Network?

Details of the Dignity at Work Officers can be found at
Contact them if you feel you have an issue relating to a Dignity issue in the workplace that you wish to discuss. You are free to contact any of the Officers whose details are given, i.e. you don’t have to choose someone from your own department etc.
All contacts are treated as confidential, you should have the confidence to report bullying and harassment knowing your concerns will be dealt with appropriately and fairly.

What can a Dignity at Work Officer do?

The role of a Dignity at Work Officer is defined in a Code of Conduct, providing clarity for network officers and users of the network.

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