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Welcome to Gloucestershire County Council
Welcome to Gloucestershire County Council. We hope you have a long and happy career with us.
This e-Induction is to help give you an overview of the Council and some of the subjects that affect everyone working for the Council. In addition to this eInduction there is a general Corporate Induction Workbook – if your manager hasn’t given you a copy of this so far please ask for it, or get a
copy for yourself on Staffnet


There are 8 modules within this e-Induction and it should take approximately between 20 minutes and 1 hour to complete each. We recommend that you have a break from e-learning between each module – perhaps schedule to do 1 or 2 a day in your first few days? Do make notes of useful links and information as you come across them. At the end of each module you will be asked to complete a multiple choice quiz, and to record your completion of the module and your score in your Induction Workbook.

Graphic of health and safety link below

Health & Safety


Image to represent occupational health

Occupational Health


Graphic of risk management link below

Risk Management

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Fire Awareness

Dignity at Work image

Human resources graphic link below

Human Resources


Other key parts of your induction

Besides all the modules on this site there are a variety of other induction tools, depending on your role and the team you are in. They may include:

  • Your manager should have drawn up a local induction plan for you, covering the first few weeks and relating specifically to your job
  • Your own Corporate Induction Workbook  - see above left link for this
  • There may be specific training and induction depending on your role – thus most social workers will undergo more detailed safeguarding
  • Some Services/teams have their own Induction. Your manager will be able to advise if one exists in your Service/team
  • IT Induction. If you need specific IT skills in your job that need to be further developed your manager will be able to advise you on what training exists to help

For a summary of the Induction Tools click this link to Staffnet