What are Gargoyles & Grotesques? When & why where Gargoyles created? Who created them & how? Where in Gloucestershire can I find them? Activities and Downloads! Resources & further reading! About Gloucestershire Archives!
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Look out! Look up! They wait on walls, rest on roofs and blend into buttresses - but can you see them? The county of Gloucestershire has lots of gargoyles and grotesques and this website tells you all about them!

Glance up at many churches and older buildings in Gloucestershire and the chances are that there will be something looking down at you. What is it? A human? An animal? A monster? Often it is a mix of all three but whatever it is, there will always be something intriguing about it. For centuries, the haunting, mysterious silhouettes of gargoyles and grotesques have been clinging to their lofty perches along the edges and ledges of buildings "yelling their soundless blasphemies and derisions to the wind" and arousing a mix of emotions from those below looking up.

This website complements the Gloucestershire Archives 'Ugly Mugs - Great Gloucestershire Gargoyles!' Roadshow.

On this site you will find information to help you learn about:

The difference between gargoyles and grotesques.
When gargoyles where created and why.
Who created them and how they did it.
The Dragons of Gloucestershire.
Where in Gloucestershire you can find them.
And information on resources and further reading.


Fascinating facts!

Fun activities!

A gallery of Gargoyles & Grotesques!

And lots of ideas to inspire you!

The material on this site has all been developed from material relating to gargoyles that is held in Gloucestershire Archives. This includes published books, family material (i.e. letters, pictures and photographs), maps, church records, and much more besides!

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