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Gargoyle and Dragon Book List


Factual Books

Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings by Janetta Rebold Benton (1997 Abbeville Press, ISBN: 0789201828)
Written by an art historian this is the most scholarly book on the subject. It looks at gargoyles across Europe and has great colour photographs plus good text.

A Little Book of Gargoyles by Mike Harding (2003 Aurum Press, ISBN: 1854105612)
A small well-illustrated book contains photographs of gargoyle and grotesque themes as some other possibly related religious sculpture.

Grotesques and Gargoyles by R Sheridan and A Ross (1975 David & Charles, ISBN: 0715363190)
Until the appearance of Benton's book above), this was the standard work on gargoyles and the first to attempt a classification of gargoyle types. Now quite hard to find and sadly all of the photographs are black and white.

Here be Dragons by R Whitlock (1983 Allen & Unwin, ISBN: 0043980074)
This book is the standard work on British dragons, providing an introduction and a gazetteer listing dragon sites throughout England, Wales and Scotland by county.

Explore Dragons by R Freeman (2006 Explore Books, ISBN: 978-1872883939 )
This book puts stories of British dragons in their international context and attempts to fathom out what lies behind them and if dragons may have really existed (of course!) and whether they could still survive somewhere.

British Dragons by J Simpson (2001 Wordsworth, ISBN: 978-1840225075)
This book is a complete guide to British dragons and though similar to Whitlock's work is more modern, more updated and has more dragons!

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons by D Steer, H Ward, D Carrel & Dr. Ernest Drake (2006 Templar Publishing, ISBN: 978-1840115031)
This book and its sequels are essential reading for anybody interested in dragons and their natural history!


Fiction Books

Stone Heart by Charlie Fletcher (2006 Hodder Children's Books, ISBN: 9780340911624)
When George accidentally breaks the head of a dragon carving in London's Natural History Museum all sorts of statues and sculptures to come to life and pursue him! Can he save himself and stop them? A great story for older children not to mention mums and dads!

Jane and the Dragon by R Whitlock (2006 Walker Books, ISBN: 978-1406305272)
Now a great TV series (currently on C5 on weekend mornings) this book tells the tale of the lady-in-waiting Jane who wants to become a knight and befriends a cheeky and sarcastic dragon!

The Reluctant Dragon by K Grahame (1898 Methuen, ISBN: 978-1-4052-3729-1)
What would have happened if Saint George and the dragon didn't want to fight each other? This classic book tells the story as it could have happened.

Night of the Gargoyles by E Bunting (2003 Houghton Mifflin, ISBN: 978-0395968871)
At night, the gargoyles that adorn the walls of a museum come to life and frighten the night watchman for fun. A well-illustrated entertaining poem.

God bless the Gargoyles by D Pilkey (1999 Thompson Learning, ISBN: 978-0152021047)
A colourful moving rhyming story about how lonely gargoyles, feeling rejected and misunderstood, are befriended by angels that bring them comfort and solace.

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien (1937 Allen & Unwin, ISBN: 0-261-10330-X)
When hobbit Bilbo Baggins joins a group of Dwarves and travels over the Edge of the Wild
he has many adventures, including an encounter with the dragon Smaug the Golden. A classic
story for all ages.