Uglymugs Homepage What are Gargoyles & Grotesques? When & why where Gargoyles created? Who created them & how? Where in Gloucestershire can I find them? Resources & further reading! About Gloucestershire Archives.

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Make a 3D Gargoyle Face!
This is a great fun activity that can be used to make really lifelike gargoyle faces. Download PDF

The 10 Royal Beasts!Download PDF

Create a Celebrity Gargoyle!Download PDF

Make a Cardboard Dragon!
This activity makes really great dragons from everyday materials. Download PDF

Draw a Gargoyle!
Use your imagination to draw a gargoyle! Download PDF

Become a Gargoyle Detective!
Your mission: See how many gargoyles you can spot when you are out and about!Download PDF

The Good Gloucestershire Gargoyle Guide!
This guide accompanies the Gloucestershire Gargoyle Guide map which can be found on the Where? page, and is intended to introduce some of the gargoyles and grotesques that can be found in Gloucestershire.Download PDF

The Great Gloucester Gargoyle Walk
This itinerary accompanies the map Gloucester Gargoyle Walk which can be found on the Where? page, and is intended to introduce some of the gargoyles that can be found in Gloucester.Download PDF

Draw a Green Man!
Green men are a common type of grotesque that are found on carvings in churches and other buildings (both secular and ecclesiastical).Download PDF

Gurn a Gargoyle!
Gurning is an old rural tradition in England, where people compete to try and pull the ugliest face.Download PDF

Make Your Own Gargoyle Mask
This makes a really great Gargoyle mask.Download PDF

Devise your own Masons MarkDownload PDF

Write a Gargoyle or Dragon poem!
Gargoyles and dragons are great subjects for writing poems - why not write your own!Download PDF