Guidelines for the use of ‘Fitting out the man of war Forester’

Activity title:
Fitting out the man of war Forester

Curriculum area: Maths

NC objectives: Maths: Ma2 1a), 1b), 1d), 1e), 1f), 1i), 2c), 2i), 3a), 3e), 3i), 3j), 4a) 4b) & 4c)

Main learning objective: Use methods of addition accurately to find missing numbers and then checking workings to find a grand total of money values

Lesson plan ideas, activities and resource sheets

10 minutes

  • Introduce the lesson by explaining that they are going to be checking a shopping list for equipment needed for the man of war Forester (which was built at Lydney in 1657), where they must complete missing items and prices and then check and find the totals. Note: modern money is used for this activity, not old money.

  • Ask some questions about finding change from money totals, eg, you pay £2.56 and hand over £5, how much change do you get?, etc.

  • Use the PowerPoint ‘2.5a Introduction to money PPT’ if required.

  • Recap on the column addition method and run through some examples on the board with the children helping.

MAIN ACTIVITY: 40 minutes

  • Provide the class with the ‘2.5b Completing the fitting out of the man of war Forester’ worksheet to complete. They must use column addition to find the missing totals and use the price list where applicable.

  • Move around and remind the class of the rules for column addition, eg, start with units and don’t forget to add the carried digit when applicable, etc.

PLENARY: 10 minutes

Suggested extension activities or cross curricular links:

  • Calculate the food and drink costs for a day for the crew of the warship Forester.

  • Answer the real life money word problems about sailing equipment.


2.5 Guidelines - Fitting out the man of war Forester

2.5 Introduction to Money

2.5b Completing the fitting out of the man of war Forester

2.5c Answers to completing the fitting out of the man of war Forester