Guidelines for the use of The Severn Bore

Activity title:
The Severn Bore

Curriculum area: Geography

NC objectives: Geography: 2a, 2c, 2d, 3c, 3f, 4b, 6b, 6c,

Main learning objective: To use maps and plans at a range of scales

Lesson plan ideas, activities and resource sheets

15 minutes

MAIN ACTIVITY: 25 minutes

  • Provide the class with ‘4.2d Places along the Severn Estuary’. Explain that the task is to draw a rough map of the Severn Estuary from Gloucester to the Bristol Channel and then use the internet or maps to identify and mark towns, villages and other places along the river from the list of place-names provided.

  • The class should use a range of available maps (either hardcopy or on the internet, i.e. OS Get-a-Map).

  • The class can be divided into small groups or pairs.

PLENARY: 20 minutes

  • Answer session – draw/display a map of the river. Call out the place-names one-by-one and ask for answers.

  • Discuss why the bore is a tourist attraction and some of the issues surrounding it (local income generation v traffic problems).

  • Discuss the Severn Barrage and how it might affect the estuary (end of bores, threat to wildfowl habitats, etc)

Suggested extension activities or cross curricular links:

  • Look at tides and tide tables (links to Mathmatics).

  • Investigate the Severn Barrage (links to Citzenship, Science)

  • Investigate the wildlife of the Severn.


4.2 Guidelines - The Severn Bore

4.2a The Severn Bore Factsheet

4.2b Description of Severn Bore

4.2c Images of the Severn Bore

4.2d Places along the Severn Estuary