Guidelines for the use of Design a leaflet for
Newnham Ferry

Activity title:
Design a leaflet for Newnham Ferry

Curriculum area: Art & Design

NC objectives: Art & Design: 1a), 1b), 1c), 2a), 2b), 2c), 3a), 3b), 5a), 5b)

Main learning objective: To design an advertising leaflet for Newnham Ferry

Lesson plan ideas, activities and resource sheets

10 minutes

  • Explain to the class that most firms produce publicity leaflets to advertise their services. Discuss what kind of things might be found inside and if it is possible to get hold of some, show them to the class.

  • Discuss what different kinds of information might be required – such as time tables or opening hours, prices, contact details, booking information, etc. Explain how such leaflets have changed over the years (i.e. colour printing, photographic images, internet details).

  • Look on the internet for local attractions or services to demonstrate various designs such as single flyer, folded design, etc.

MAIN ACTIVITY: 30 minutes

  • After discussing the ideas provide the class with ‘3.3a Designing a leaflet for Newham Ferry’ worksheet and the class use ideas that they have seen so far to design their own leaflet. The children can work individually or in pairs.

  • If the ICT suit is available, the program cover could be designed using ICT to make it look as authentic as possible for a modern day leaflet.

PLENARY: 10 minutes

  • Move around the class and allow the pupils to show their designs. The rest of the class must evaluate the designs and suggest positive points and areas for improvement, especially in relation to the difference to their design and the designs through time.

Suggested extension activities or cross curricular links:

  • Design and print an old style flyer on the same subject

  • Design a mascot for the ferry


3.3 Guidelines - Design a leaflet for Newnham Ferry

3.3a Designing a leaflet for Newham Ferry