Guidelines for the use of Planning the entertainment at the opening of a new Severn Bridge

Activity title:
Planning the entertainment at the opening of a new Severn Bridge

Curriculum area: Art & Design

NC objectives: Art & Design: 1b), 2a), 2b), 3a), 3b), 4a), 5a), 5b) & 5c)

Main learning objective: To plan the entertainment for the opening of a new Severn Bridge

Lesson plan ideas, activities and resource sheets

10 minutes

  • Discuss with the class what they would expect to experience at a special day out, such as a football or rugby match or a visit to a new shopping centre, a new museum or amusement park. Ask them to imagine what it might have been like to visit on the day that the attraction opened or be at the very first big match.

  • Discuss what kind of things might have taken place before, during and after the opening – ask the class what they would like to see at such an event and what they think would draw in a large crowd and result in a fun packed day for all. Make a list of ideas.

  • The list could include pre- and post-event entertainment as well as stalls selling merchandise, mascots handing out freebies, free tasters of traditional food, cheer leaders, spectator competitions, crowd interviews on big screen, fireworks, etc. There would also be invited guests such as the architect, local councillors, press and TV, etc

MAIN ACTIVITY: 40 minutes

  • Explain to the class that they are to going to plan the launch event for the opening of a new bridge over the River Severn. This could be a road bridge, foot bridge or a railway bridge and could be anywhere along the river.

  • Provide the class with ‘3.2a Planning the opening of a new Severn Bridge’ and on the first page the class work in pairs to list ideas to be formed in to an itinerary for the day. Once complete, the pairs must design a poster on the back of the sheet to advertise the event, giving a sneak preview of what to expect

PLENARY: 10 minutes

  • Move around the class and each pair can share their opening event advert and then show the itinerary for the day. They can give further details if required to sell their plan.

  • The class can then vote for their favourite and give reasons for their choices.

Suggested extension activities or cross curricular links:

  • Design a badge to represent the opening which could be worn by all spectators attending the event on the day

  • Write newspaper reports about the opening event.


3.2 Guidelines - Planning the opening of a new Severn Bridge

3.2a Planning the opening of a new Severn Bridge