Lesson Plans

This Section is divided into 6 subject areas: English, Maths, Art & DT, Geography, history and Cross-curricular.

Each subject area contains a number of lesson plans and supporting matierials.  These can be used as stand-alone lesson activities or as a series of lessons designed to complement each other. 

All lesson plans and supporting matierials are based on National Curriculum programmes of study. The cross-curricular lesson plans are based on the creative curriculum.

Lesson Plans: English

Writing a River Severn poem
Writing a River Severn alphabet poem
Severn Adverbs
Severn Adjectives
River Severn word search
Complete the Magic Surfboard story

Lesson Plans: Maths

Working out the bearings between each ship
Fishing equipment
Finding the average number of fish caught
Creating graphs from Severn Bore statistics
Fitting out the man of war Forester
Mental maths questions from Severn sources

Lesson Plans: Art & Design

Severn Bore Surfboard design
Planning the entertainment at the opening of a new Severn Bridge
Design a leaflet for Newnham Ferry
Designing a badge for the Severn Wildlife Heritage and Environment Trust
Draw John Smyth’s mystery fish

Lesson Plans: Geography

Finding the ports of Britain
The Severn Bore
Distances travelled on the river
Severn Trading Links

Lesson Plans: History

Creating your own class Severn timeline
Severn Ship Timeline
Kings Highway of Severn (Severn Cargoes)
Merchants Marks

Lesson Plans: Cross Curricular

Rowing on the river
Fishing on the Severn Estuary
Tales from the Riverbank
Read all about it..! What’s the News from the River Severn?