Image Bank

This page contains several galleries of images, as well as zoom-magnifiable charts, maps, and newspaper clippings intended to act as a complimentary resource to the lesson plans and activity sheets. These resopources can be used by teachers to support teaching sessions about the river.  Nearly all of the images have been taken from the holdings at Gloucestershire Archives.

Each pop-up gallery can be accessed by clicking on the images and navigating left or right by clicking towards the left or right hand edges of the pop-up image. Scalable content such as maps, charts and newspaper clippings can be navigated using the controls located at the bottom on the image and by clicking and dragging on the image itself.


Accidents & Incidents

1885 Beached Whale
1939 Severn Railway Bridge Disaster
1954 Britannia Air Crash
1960 Severn Railway Bridge Disaster
Severn Railway Bridge Disaster Press Cuttings

Charts & Maps

Charts & Maps


Building The Severn Rail Bridge
Miscellaneous Severn Bridges


Fishing on the Severn


Gloucester Quay & Docks
Sharpness Docks & Canal
Other River Severn Destinations

The Severn Bore

The Severn Bore