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With grateful thanks to Simon Lawton [Curator, The John Moore Museum, Tewkesbury] for the use of the Merchant's House and to Pam and Alex Summers [freelance re-enactors] for providing the artefacts and for being 'Thomas and Alice Workman'.


Copyright in this work belongs to Gloucestershire County Council. The material on this CD-ROM can only be used in the school to which it has been supplied. Supplying copies to any third-party is a breach of copyright.

Technical Matters

This CD-ROM has been designed to run using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It will look and feel like a web-site though you are not actually on-line and will not have to wait while large image files download.

In order to see a whole page at once, your screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 pixels or greater. This can be done through Control Panel: Display: Settings. If your display is set to 800 x 600 pixels, a certain amount of scrolling will be needed, particularly to reach the navigation buttons which are to be found at the bottom of each page. If you do find you need to scroll, pressing F11 on the keyboard enlarges the viewable area.

The only pages not designed to be viewable in their entirety at 1024 x 768 are the facsimiles of Thomas Workman's will and his complete inventory and the resource pack.

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