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Resources & further reading!

Resources & Further Reading


There are lots of good books out there on heraldry, knights and the Middle Ages.  Your local library is a great place to start!

Knights by Stephanis Turnbull (2008, Usborne Beginners, ISBN: 978074607448-0). A fantastic book on knights for young readers with pictures and explanations about knights, castles and combat.

Horrible Histories Handbooks - Knights by Terry Deary (2006, Scholastic Children’s Books, ISBN: 0-439-95577-7) and Horrible Histories - The Measly Middle Ages by Terry Deary (1996, Scholastic Children’s Books, ISBN: 0-590-13900-2).  These are wonderful books full of great history with the nasty bits left in!

Learnabout Heraldry by A Priestley (1974, Ladybird Books, ISBN: 0-7214-0369-7). A book that introduces the subject in a colourful way.


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