Who & What were knights? When & Why did knights exist? Why & How did they fight? Where in Gloucestershire did knights live and fight? Activities & Downloads! Resources & further reading! About Gloucestershire Archives
Welcome to Gloucestershire Archive’s Arise Sir Knight website!

Find out about Gloucestershire’s bloody battles and noble knights!

This website complements the Gloucestershire Archives ‘Arise Sir Knight!’ Roadshow.

On this site you will find information to help you learn:

Who and what were knights
When and why knights existed
How knights could tell each other apart on the battlefield
The Heraldry of Gloucestershire
Where in Gloucestershire knights lived and fought
Knight tales & stories


Information on resources and further reading

Fascinating facts!

Fun activities!

And lots of ideas to inspire you!

Become a ‘veray, parfit, gentil knight’ and find out about the noble art of heraldry in Gloucestershire!


This site has been developed from material relating to heraldry that is held in Gloucestershire Archives. This includes published books, family material (e.g. letters, pictures and photographs), maps, church records, and much more besides!

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